Herringbone Bathroom Tiles

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Herringbone Tiling Ideas

Herringbone tiling in bathroom walls offers a visually striking and elegant design choice. Here are some ideas to consider:

Accent Wall: Create a focal point by tiling one wall in a herringbone pattern while leaving the other walls plain. This draws attention to the feature wall and adds depth to the space.
Subway Tiles: Use subway tiles in a herringbone pattern for a classic yet contemporary look. The elongated shape of subway tiles enhances the herringbone pattern, creating a sense of movement and texture on the walls.

Contrasting Grout: Experiment with different grout colors to accentuate the herringbone pattern. Opt for a contrasting grout color, such as dark grey or black, to make the pattern stand out and add visual interest to the walls.

Vertical Installation: Install herringbone tiles vertically instead of horizontally for a unique twist on the traditional pattern. This unexpected orientation can elongate the walls and make the bathroom feel taller and more spacious.

Mixed Materials: Combine herringbone tiles with other materials, such as marble or glass, to add variety and texture to the walls. Incorporating different materials can create a dynamic and visually appealing feature in the bathroom.

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