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Vinyl Tiles

This collection comprises of high quality imitations of natural wood flooring. They are used as a practical alternative to genuine wood flooring in both residential and commercial properties, providing a clean, low maintenance finish. Not only is the appearance very similar but vinyl also has a grainy texture, a distinct similarity to that of a real wood surface. You can order samples of brown vinyl from Tilesporcelain to see what works best for your specific project.

Apply in a Variety of Environments
The appearance of vinyl means it can work in a range of interiors and the practical qualities allow for it to be applied in various situations. The hard wearing and durable nature of vinyl means they can be incorporated within kitchen, living room and dining area designs, great for open plan flats or apartments. Unlike carpet, if a single vinyl section becomes damaged then it can be easily removed and replaced, saving both time and money! In addition to residential properties, vinyl is used in much larger projects. For example, it is cost effective and practical for schools to acquire them for hallways and classrooms.

DIY Projects at Home
Vinyl is cost effective, lightweight and easy to install. All of these aspects make them a good choice for DIY projects. You can fix them on to floors yourself with good planning and following instructions carefully. They are often laid in what is known as a brick effect, running bond style. This can emphasise a rustic character throughout flooring spaces, for a fabulous traditional finish. For more information on vinyl please contact Tilesporcelain.

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