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60cm x 30cm Wall Tiles

With dimensions of 600mm x 300mm, these wall tiles offer a versatile option for various design preferences and spaces. Available in polished or matt finishes, and crafted from materials like porcelain, onyx, slate, and ceramic, these tiles cater to a range of aesthetic and functional needs.

Polished porcelain tiles in white or black can lend a contemporary and sophisticated touch to any room, while matt finishes offer a subtler and more understated appearance. Onyx tiles bring a luxurious and elegant feel with their unique veining patterns and translucent properties. Slate tiles provide a natural and earthy vibe, perfect for adding texture and character to walls.

In terms of color options, from classic white and black to versatile shades of grey and cream, these 600mm x 300mm tiles offer flexibility in creating personalized and stylish wall surfaces. Whether used in bathrooms, kitchens, or living areas, these tiles can enhance the visual appeal and ambiance of any space.

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