5 Ways To Get Your Garden Ready For Summer

The summer holidays are fast approaching and the warmer weather means there is a good chance you will be spending more time in your garden pretty soon. So, you’ve got the suntan lotion ready and a book to read while the wine is chilling in the fridge, but if you feel that your garden is not quite as ready for the summer as you are then don’t worry as we are going to be taking a look at ways you can transform this exterior area.

1. Install Durable Porcelain Paving

This is very ‘on trend’ at the moment. This heavy duty outdoor paving offers the best of both worlds as it provides a stylish appearance and low maintenance covering. Porcelain paving can be used as part of a stylish patio and looks superb with modern brown wooden furniture sets. Stone Effect Porcelain Paving adds character to any garden layout and these products are certainly capable of providing a genuine wow factor. Popular colours include grey and cream with both plain and mottled designs available. These tiles provide a high level of slip resistance under foot as they have a textured surface. These long-lasting tiles will withstand the elements and provide a durable patio covering for many years. In addition to standard patios, porcelain paving is also acquired for balconies and verandas. It is ideal for the exterior of family homes as it can withstand high levels of foot traffic.

2. Create a Stylish Feature with Cladding

Rock Panel Cladding is an excellent choice if you are looking to introduce a truly unique character. These tiles have a rustic look which comprises of a randomised brick style formation and rough stone surface. They are available in stone colours like grey, cream and ivory. Cladding is chosen for the interior of homes, as part of a bathroom or kitchen backsplash and also in living rooms as a feature wall and fireplace surround. They are also selected for exterior designs, including garden layouts, which is why they have made it on to this list. A cladding wall feature provides a unique look on standard garden walls in addition to pond and pool surrounds. Rock panel cladding matches superbly with stone or porcelain paving. These versatile cladding tiles are suitable for any garden layout and are capable of providing a genuine wow factor which will amaze your guests and neighbours.

3. Brick Slips for a Classic Look

Provide your garden walls with a timeless ‘brick-look’ by including these no-fuss brick slips. Brick Slips are chosen for the interior of homes; as part of farmhouse style kitchens, fireplace surrounds and conservatory walls but they are also an excellent option for exterior areas. The great thing about lightweight brick slips is that they can be applied to any wall substrate. With the range of styles available you can choose the exact look you want, from modern red and grey varieties to products with a more traditional, rustic style. These brick veneers provide a stunning look within a range of garden layouts. Patio areas which may include a built in barbecue can be transformed by brick slips and matched with a stone paving floor covering. Outdoor kitchens, which may incorporate pizza ovens and units and worktops, are becoming increasingly popular and brick slips are certainly an excellent option for these areas too.

4. Transform your Raised Flower Bed with Slate

Raised flower beds provide a stylish garden feature and can be easier to manage than standard flower beds in your garden. The most common type of material for raised flower beds is timber wood but you can use other materials and natural stone slate offers a really good option. Slate has a rustic character, created by a riven surface and soft pastel colours. It really adds character to garden layouts and works well within a wide variety of exterior layouts. Slate is available in different colours but is most recognisable in grey, a type of slate commonly used on the roof of buildings. Multi slate which can include various colours including grey, red, brown and orange are a popular choice for interior and exterior designs. Slate’s use as a roof tile prove its ability to cope with the elements and not only will slate add style to your garden but it will also cope from a practical perspective.

5. Introduce a Mediterranean Feel with Terracotta

If you’ve ever visited Spain or Italy on holiday then you may have noticed that Terracotta tiles are absolutely everywhere. These red tiles are invariably square and are used for both interior and exterior designs. In addition to kitchens, dining areas, porches, hallways and living rooms they are also a sought-after choice for patios, balconies and verandas. In gardens, these tiles certainly provide a standout quality and timeless appearance which matches well with grey stone features and brown garden furniture. A light white or grey grout is often used in order to contrast with the red colour. You can acquire different varieties of terracotta tiles with deep red modern tiles and lighter rustic options all available. Although square is the most common shape when it comes to terracotta tiles, there are other options to choose from including hexagon and brick effect.

3 Ways to use Spare Tiles in Your Garden

If you have some spare tiles just lying around, you may be able to put them to better use as part of your garden design. Obviously, you should check first whether these tiles are suitable for outdoor use. Anyway, here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

1. Tiled Table Top

If you have some smaller tiles including stone mosaics or patterned ceramics then they could be used to create a decorative table top. This table could then take pride of place on your outdoor patio!

2. Stepping Stones

A stepping stone design is often used on either a lawn or a gravel/pebble path. Good options for stepping stones include natural slate as they provide a durable covering and stylish rustic appearance.

3. Glass Wind Chimes

If you happen to have a sheet of glass mosaics spare from a previous job then don’t throw them out just yet! These tiles can be made in to wind chimes which will add a decorative look and soothing sound in your garden.