How Tiles Add Value To Your Home

You may not even be considering moving home at this moment time but it is still worthwhile to think of ways in which you can add value to your current property. It is not always necessary for drastic changes to be made such as building an extension or adding a conservatory. There are far more straightforward and cost effective solutions in which you don't have to alter the layout or size of your home at all. You want to create something that you can enjoy now but will also stand the test of time and attract any prospective buyers when it does come to selling your property. Hey, you never know, you might love the changes you've made so much that you'll decide not to move out after all! Creating a timeless design with durable materials should be your priority which is why we are taking a look at how tiles add value to your home.

Why Tiles Add More Value Than Other Wall and Floor Coverings

Tiles are long lasting and durable. If a person looking to buy your home only sees cheap and flimsy wall and floor materials which may need to be replaced in the upcoming months they are unlikely to forget this when it comes to making an offer. Alternatively, if they enter your bathroom or kitchen to view an immaculate covering of tiles they are likely to be more understanding of the value you have placed on your home.

Adding Value to Your Kitchen With Practical Tiles

When choosing a wall or floor material in a specific area of your home there will be many options available to you. For example, on a kitchen floor you can lay vinyl, natural wood, laminate and of course tiles. Vinyl is a cheap option but can imitate the look of stone and wood effectively. However, it can become damaged relatively easy with the colours and patterns prone to fading over time. Natural wood looks beautiful when first laid but will a prospective buyer be put off with the high level of maintenance required? With regards to laminate it can also warp and is prone to moisture damage in the same way genuine wood flooring is. If you choose the right tiles for your kitchen floor then you will be acquiring a highly practical material which retains its appearance over many years. On kitchen floors, matt porcelain is an excellent choice as it is extremely resilient against stains and scratches. In addition to casting their judgement on how a room looks, prospective buyers will also consider the implications with regards to cleaning and maintenance. On walls a glossy polished tile will require less maintenance than a more absorbent material.

Add Value by Creating a Wow Factor with Natural Stone in Bathrooms

Creating a unique style in your home can add value to your property. Something out the ordinary which still has a timeless appeal will make a lasting impression. Stone tiles like Travertine, Granite and Marble are completely natural and each has its own individual character. Travertine's cream and beige shades make it a perfect bathroom covering, with these neutral colours proving especially popular among possible buyers. Granite's distinctive appearance is created by its formation from molten lava. Certain varieties of granite have a sparkly look created by copper flecks. Marble's veined pattern has made it renowned throughout the world for its decorative appeal. Anyone viewing a room clad in beautiful natural stone is likely to be highly impressed.

Tiles Add Value in More Than Just Kitchens and Bathrooms

If you are looking to add value to other areas of your home, not just in kitchens and bathrooms, tiles are highly recommended. Additions, like living room tiles or a tiled conservatory floor can all make a huge impact. If you have a garden and would like to add value to it by incorporating a slate path or sandstone patio, Tilesporcelain will help you every step of the way.